The past is just a road map of how i got here


Credentials and Certifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Humane Letters
  • Registered Health Information Administrator
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified Mind-Body Coach
  • Wellness Coach


  • 2x Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor ProAm 
  • First & Second Place - Figure Open
  • Master's Figure Champion - multiple placements
  • FHIMA's Professional of the Year
  • Empress Magazine's She Boss of the Quarter

Letter to you

Dear Future GLOW Boss,

I see you, babe. 

Longing for the day the things in your vision board will come to life...

The bubbly to celebrate your business wins.

The dreamboat partner who always has your back.

The movie nights that bring the family together.

The spa dates with yourself.

The healthy, strong body that lets you enjoy it all.

I know what you’re thinking. And I too once thought that I couldn’t possibly have it all, you know?

Life used to feel like a tug-of-war match with myself. I was often spinning plates only to have them inevitably fall on my face and leave me scrambling to pick it all up.

First, it was my thriving corporate career in healthcare, which ironically left me overweight and burned out, with zero time and energy to look after myself.

Then, it was my bodybuilding journey, when my trophies and new lean physique topped my already unsustainable lifestyle with a heavy sprinkle of extreme habits.

I started my first business, trying to find the joy and satisfaction I missed in my job. But then my lack of self-nurturance left me unable to trust myself and my intuition to spot a draining business partner.

This rollercoaster of events had me feeling lost, shallow, and emotionally and physically depleted. Yet, from the outside, it looked like I had it all.

The prestigious title. The perfect body. The fancy car. All the trophies, awards and compliments.

I had fought so hard for all of that, that I didn’t even realize I had end up living someone else’s vision board. My life didn’t resonate with my soul one bit.

My breaking point came when my inner voice started screaming so loud I could no longer ignore it. And on a whim, I sold my house, turned in my Mercedes, shut down my business, quit both my job and bodybuilding, and moved to the mountains with my husband and daughter. 

There, offline and off the grid, I found myself again. I rediscovered who I am, reconnected with my intuition, values, and dreams, and found a renewed trust in myself and my worth.

Today, life is much different than it once was. I dedicate ample time to myself and my family. We own three thriving business and multiple streams of income. I do work that truly fills my soul. I live a healthy, balanced life, feel more confident than ever in my own skin, and get to help other women do the same.

I look like I have it all, yes. But most importantly, I feel like I have it all. 

And here’s the truth, babe:

Health creates Wealth.

Let me say that again:

Health – in body, mind, and soul – creates Wealth – of money, of laughter, of love. 

If you’re here with me today, chances are you’re a thriving business woman struggling to take care of yourself and to feel confident in your own skin. When you started your business, you put those things on the back-burner, but years later, they’re still there and you feel it in your body.

Hear me on this: As long as sacrifice is your currency, you’ll continue sacrificing – be it health for wealth or wealth for health. You’re literally putting a cap on your potential.

Don’t wait until your breaking point like I did – when you too might feel like literally running to the mountains so you can hear your own voice and look after yourself. 

It’s time to choose thriving over surviving starting now, and I’m here for you. 

Here to help you transform your body and health, yes. 

But most importantly, to help you bring your vision board to life and become the woman you know you’re meant to be.

Don't let another day go by that you are sacrificing what's really important. I'm here for you and have opened my calendar for you~Let's chat

I believe in you. 



Transforming health => wealth

Presentation recorded at The Awaken Wellness Fair and Expo

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Empowering you to be your best self in all aspects of life and business. I provide friendly and constructive advice to help you reach your fullest potential inside and out.

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Helping your employees realize their value while providing them with a road map to lifelong wellness.

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Author of "You GLOW Girl!" a usable guide for transforming your home, mind, body and spirit. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

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